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 Application(Closed) - Akarchie

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PostSubject: Application(Closed) - Akarchie   Fri 04 Feb 2011, 11:11 am   Post numberPost #1

Name:: Razvan
Proficiency of English on scale 1-10:: 8

Wed like to get to know our new members, so feel free to pass some information about yourself:
Well i'm a calm but i'm getting agry pretty fast ... i used to play wow and i taked a break due to work and school at the same time but now i'm back and ready to smash this game Smile

Character details:

- Class: Hunter
- Race: Orc
- Character's name:Akarchie
- Character's level: 80
- Talent build: BeastMaster/Marksman (depends on the situation)
- Why did you choose this build?: Both pve and pvp
- Gear : i have fos gear and rep item atm

- Your most frequent spell-rotation: Pve= Pet attack>charge>intimidation>kill command>bestialwrath>steady shot>arcane shot>serpent sting
Pvp= depends on the situation and the enemy
- Professions & lvl: well herbalism and inscription currently leveling them
- Total time played on your character: well i would say like 7 days or more ...

Experience :
a) Raiding experience :
Hmmm it's been a while since i last played wow so i forgot most of the things and tricks ... i hope i will remmember soon
b) PvP experience
I've done alot of unpleasant things to enemyes on other servers specially in wsg and arena.

- Do you have any other raiding experience that youd like to share with us?
I don't like to be raid leader ... i can't resist at the stress of being pointed by everyone for every little mistake .

- Hellguards uses a forum for daily communication regarding guild matters. Are you able to visit it atleast twice a week?
That won't be a problem .

-What are your expectations from our guild?
Well i'd like to think of it as a family not as a guild ... and i wish to get help when i'm in trouble Smile

- Who are your real life friends / family members in our guild ?

- Is there anyone else in the guild who can recommend you?

- What are your former guilds & why arent you in those at the moment? (btw, we like facts, no gossip nor trashtalk)
: Well the other guild are more interested in Fun/pvp servers ... me on the other hand i like leveling and working hard for something good .

- Do you have any other characters above lvl 70 ?
:Akarchii Death-Knight

-Anything else you would like to add?
Well i really want to be a part of this guild because it seems to be just what i was looking for ... a well organized and disciplined guild for a perfect game .
Even if i don't have an epic gear or an op set there's always room for better and i will work hard to get better .
Best Regards.


1. IF Thrall gets atacked by the alliance will you come to defend him ?
a) yes , 100 % ... i am there ... gona give my ass for the horde
b) fuck him , he will respawn
c) Who gives a Damn about Thrall! I am in love with Tyrande already
d) sure , if i am not in 25 man raid
e) ..... (you can type whatever you like)
Ans e) when alliance dares to step in our capital they will die before even reach thrall ...

2. Can you describe yourself as item hungry whore ?
Ans. i'm not a hungry item whore ... but sometimes when i can get an item and it's get to another guy just for some disenchant like on another server i lose it.

3. If you end up on a desert island which 3 things you will take . AND GOD NO , dont say - internet / computer and wow Very Happy
Ans. a shovel to dig for water , a flint to start a fire and a knife to make hunting weapons . Surviving is the most exciting thing u can do in this life .

4. If your house is gettin robed while you play WoW ... what you gona do ?
a) depends ... if we raid the LK ill rather w8 for my loot .. than gona call the cops
b) pfff ... as long they dont try to take my PC we are cool
c) Ill beat the crap out of them or die tryin
d) ill run around screaming like little girl
Ans. I think i'll Send them straight to morgue then come back to my raid .

5. ( first one is only for man ) Do you think you got men period ? emotional problems ? love to use the caps ?
Ans. when i got emotional problems i'm simply an shadow i don't make any sound ... i just shut up and think the rpbolem without harming the guild or something .

6. If we raid ICC25 with you ... you play shaman and have just died ... but got your ankh rdy ...
and we rly need your dps to kill the LK ... will you click the ankh IF in the exact same second your beer drops on the floor ...
and start spilling ... so ... you gotta chose ... save the beer or save the raid ... what ya gona do ?
Ans. i would use the ankh ofcourse fuck the beeer u can get another one after the raid ... and i'm not an alcohol person ... anyway .

7. If a raid leader kick you from raid ( when he's been fair to do so - afk , agro bullshit , etc etc )
will you join the Drama queen's team and flood the guild chat with shits that will waist time of my life while tryin to read them ?
or you gonna be cool enough to admit your mistake and w8 for next raid as a mature homo sapiens ?
Ans. Well if it's my mistake i will wait for the next raid ... not bithing around on the guild chat.

8. Do you consider our guild as source for items only , and after been geared at some point would that mean the end of your membership ?
Ans. No absolutely not ... gear isn't the only thing in this game ... Friendship ... Fun ... Joking around ... just like a family.

9. As you may be aware already that almost every person wants to join Good decent and Organized Raids,
and due to limitation of ppl who can join 10/25 sometimes not all can be accommodated ,
and in case one of those persons in guild is you who cannot be accommodated due to this reason then what will your reaction be in this regard.

Ans.It's ok . I will join next time . It's not like that will be the last raid ever .

I hope for the Hellguards team to aprove me and give me the chance and the oportunity to join in the Family .
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PostSubject: Re: Application(Closed) - Akarchie   Fri 04 Feb 2011, 11:23 am   Post numberPost #2

I'm sorry to tell you, but the applications for your class are closed at the moment.
Good luck next time
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PostSubject: Re: Application(Closed) - Akarchie   Mon 07 Feb 2011, 5:14 pm   Post numberPost #3

@Ritzz wrote:
I'm sorry to tell you, but the applications for your class are closed at the moment.
Good luck next time

Moved & locked.
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PostSubject: Re: Application(Closed) - Akarchie      Post numberPost #4

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Application(Closed) - Akarchie

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