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 OverDrive's Application-Declined

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PostSubject: OverDrive's Application-Declined   Fri 24 Jun 2011, 2:16 am   Post numberPost #1

Real Name: Tony
Country: Croatia
Age: 17
Gender: M
Proficiency of English on scale 1-10: 9

Character details:

- Class: Rouge
- Race: Undead
- Character's name: OverDrive
- Character's level: 80
- Talent build/s: Assasination
- Why did you choose this build/s?: It's quite the best for PvE
- Gear : All epic
- Your most frequent spell-rotation: ___ -> ___ -> ___ (if applicable) (meaning what spells/skills do you use to kill a mob, or an enemy player) : Mutilate x2 , rapture , mutilate x2 , envenom (for a normal mob encounter without stealth)
- Professions & lvl: (what profession do you have and at what skill is it?) : JewlCrafting 450
- Total time played on your character: (you find this out, by writing /played in your chat box ingame)

Experience :
a) Raiding ( PvE ) experience (PreTBC & TBC & WotLK):
Vanillia & TBC Quite Low
Wotlk High

b) PvP experience:
Medium, but isnt my primery objective
- Do you have any other raiding experience that you�d like to share with us?

- Hellguards uses a forum for daily communication regarding guild matters. Are you able to visit it at least twice a week?
-What are your expectations from our guild?
friendly and helpful society along with dungeon and raids
- Do you have real life friends / family members in our guild?
- Is there anyone else in the guild who can recommend you?
- What are your former guilds & why aren't you in those at the moment? (btw, we like facts, no gossip nor trashtalk)
"Proljev iz WC Skoljke" becose it was made only for few RL friends so we can levelup and communicate easier while leveling and gearing up but now thats over.
- Do you have any other characters above lvl 70 ? ( if so write the names pls [if the application get accepted you will need to bring all of them to our guild ] )
Not at the momoent
-Anything else you would like to add?

Additional Questions:

1. If Thrall gets attacked by The Alliance will you come to defend him?
a) Yes , 100 %. I'll be there, gonna give my ass for The Horde!
b) F.ck him, he will re spawn.
c) Who gives a damn about Thrall! I am in love with Tyrande already.
d) Sure, if I am not in 25 man raid.
e) Other (create your own answer)....

e) I'm in love with slyvannas not tyrande doh

2. Can you describe yourself as item hungry whore?
Not relleh..more like a ninja..get it ninja ?

3. If you end up on a desert island which 3 things would you take with you? AND GOD NO , don't say internet / computer and wow.
Cooking , fishing , and my daggers

4. If your house is getting robbed while you play WoW ... what you gonna do?
a) Depends if we raid the Lich King, I'd rather wait for my loot then gonna call the cops.
b) Pfff ... as long they don't try to take my PC, we are cool.
c) I'll beat the crap out of them or die trying.
d) I'll run around screaming like little girl.
e) Other (create your own answer)....

b) if they do then d)

5. ( first one is only for men ) Do you think you got men period? Emotional problems? Love using the caps?

6. If we raid ICC25 with you ... you play shaman and have just died ... but got your ankh ready ...
and we really need your dps to kill the Lich King ... will you click the ankh If in the exact same second your beer drops on the floor ...
and starts spilling ... so you gotta choose. Save the beer or save the raid ... what you gonna do?
When you have beer you do not have just one beer so fuck it and take another one possibly nearby then return to raid

7. If a raid leader kicks you from raid ( when he's been fair to do so - afk , aggro bullshit , etc etc )
will you join the Drama Queen's team and flood the guild chat with shits that will waste time of my life while trying to read them or you gonna be cool enough to admit your mistake and wait for next raid as a mature homo sapiens?

i'd just sulk in a corner admiting my mistake

8. Do you consider our guild as source for items only , and after been geared at some point would that mean the end of your membership?

Well not really i'm just looking for a guild with active and possibly 1 out of 5 members to be friendly

9. As you may be aware already that almost every person wants to join good, decent and organized Raids,
and due to limitation of people who can join 10/25 sometimes not all can be accommodated,
and in case one of those persons in guild is you who cannot be accommodated due to this reason then what will your reaction be in this regard.

Am i suposed to have reaction? just wait for some other raid/dungeon
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PostSubject: Re: OverDrive's Application-Declined   Fri 24 Jun 2011, 5:37 am   Post numberPost #2

Your Application is Just average ... Nothing special about it ... And honestly u feel ninja is over a whore ... I find your application a kind of amusement ... I dont feel you took it seriously ... so an PHAIL "-" from me ... Goodluck
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PostSubject: Re: OverDrive's Application-Declined   Fri 24 Jun 2011, 2:13 pm   Post numberPost #3

All are friendly except me..Neutral from me, if u were a girl i would give u a +.
As for the beer thing in raids, i understand if u have alot of beer arround, u start to think something else, while watching in ICC that sexy Lanathel and you want her to bite your ..hm....dagger Smile).
You can remake and tell us more about urself..as for the beer thing, kill the boss and then clean the floor, the beer is a short satisfaction, u drink it fast, but an epic icc item lasts till wipe or till someone ninja's it.
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PostSubject: Re: OverDrive's Application-Declined   Sun 26 Jun 2011, 11:25 am   Post numberPost #4

Hollow i believe he think about this video

about your application it didn't impress much, it lack of information and no reason to give u positive vote.
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PostSubject: Re: OverDrive's Application-Declined   Sun 26 Jun 2011, 3:55 pm   Post numberPost #5

Very neutral answers... so well Ill give a neutral vote in return then... yawn.
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PostSubject: Re: OverDrive's Application-Declined   Fri 01 Jul 2011, 12:53 am   Post numberPost #6

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PostSubject: Re: OverDrive's Application-Declined      Post numberPost #7

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OverDrive's Application-Declined

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