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 Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage

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Character information
Race: Draenei
Class: Mage Mage
Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage Empty
PostSubject: Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage   Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage EmptyMon 24 Feb 2014, 8:12 pm

since you liked my application some years ago, i'll just copy it and just make it up-to-date Smile
(changes are highlighted in red Wink)

Quote :
Name: Haiko
Country: Germany
Age: 38
Gender: male
Proficiency of English on scale 1-10: i'd say 8. But in comparison to other 8s i'd say 10

We’d like to get to know our new members, so feel free to pass some information about yourself:

Character details:

- Class: Mage
- Race: Draenei
- Character's name: Omnomtron
- Character's level: 14
- Talent build/s: Arcane
- Why did you choose this build/s?: I had a Mage years ago and it was fun most of the time
- Gear : 2,4
- Your most frequent spell-rotation: fireball, fireball, fireball -> mob dead. later it will be spamming arcane blast and sometimes for manasaving reasons arcane missles
- Professions & lvl: none so far
- Total time played on your character: 30min

Experience :
a) Raiding ( PvE ) experience (PreTBC & TBC & WotLK):
My only PVE-experience is from Crogge and Molten.
On Crogge i was part of some first-kills and did all bosses available.
On Molten i did Naxx / FOS / POS / Onyx / Uld / VOA / TOC / BH 3/3 / BWD 5/6 / BOT 5/5 / FL 7/7 / DS 4/4
(Since i didn't have a character myself, i used the chars i gave to my friend)

b) PvP experience

- Do you have any other raiding experience that you’d like to share with us?
i am raiding my refrigerator from now and then and always get epic loot there Wink

- Hellguards uses a forum for daily communication regarding guild matters. Are you able to visit it atleast twice a week?
Sure. Even if i'm not able to login to WoW i normally check guild- and server-forum once per day.

-What are your expectations from our guild?
I hope for good organized guild-raids (hopefully with DKP) and meet old guildmates (if they are still there)

- Do you have real life friends / family members in our guild ?
Not that i know.

- Is there anyone else in the guild who can recommend you?
Maybe some ppl who still know me from Crogge or Molten before i left in october.

- What are your former guilds & why aren’t you in those at the moment? (btw, we like facts, no gossip nor trashtalk)
On Gamer District i'm in Dark Ruffnecks. Since DR wont build up a whole guild here, i thought i go to the 2. best guild
On Crogge i was in some guilds like Dark Ruffnecks, Devouring Light, As Shadows Arise (and some smaller ones i don't remember atm) and on ally-side in Garde der Allianz.

- Do you have any other characters above lvl 70 ? ( if so write the names pls [if the application get accepted you will need to bring all of them to our guild ] )
Not yet.

-Anything else you would like to add?


1. IF Thrall gets atacked by the alliance will you come to defend him ?
e) I'd say b) since i'm a pure PVE-player.

2. Can you describe yourself as item hungry whore ?
Nope, i don't care if i don't get items as long as i have fun.

3. If you end up on a desert island which 3 things you will take . AND GOD NO , dont say - internet / computer and wow
Hmm, not easy.
A brewery, then i always got enough beer.
Does the swedish female beachvolleyball-team count as 1?
And as 3. i would take enough aspirin. That way a migraine will never be a problem

4. If your house is gettin robed while you play WoW ... what you gona do ?
c) Ill beat the crap out of them or die tryin

5. ( first one is only for man ) Do you think you got men period ? emotional problems ? love to use the caps ?
NOPE, NEVER!!!!!!!

6. If we raid ICC25 with you ... you play shaman and have just died ... but got your ankh rdy ...
and we rly need your dps to kill the LK ... will you click the ankh IF in the exact same second your beer drops on the floor ...
and start spilling ... so ... you gotta chose ... save the beer or save the raid ... what ya gona do ?
Since i normally have enough beer at home, i would save the raid. And on my laminate floor a beer wouldn't make any damage.

7. If a raid leader kick you from raid ( when he's been fair to do so - afk , agro bullshit , etc etc )
will you join the Drama queen's team and flood the guild chat with shits that will waist time of my life while tryin to read them ?
or you gonna be cool enough to admit your mistake and w8 for next raid as a mature homo sapiens ?
I'd stay cool as always.

8. Do you consider our guild as source for items only , and after been geared at some point would that mean the end of your membership ?
I hope your guild is not only about item-farming. What sense do items make, if you don't have fun ingame?

9. As you may be aware already that almost every person wants to join Good decent and Organized Raids,
and due to limitation of ppl who can join 10/25 sometimes not all can be accommodated ,
and in case one of those persons in guild is you who cannot be accommodated due to this reason then what will your reaction be in this regard.
It's normal that not everyone can get in. I just wait a bit, maybe a spot opens later. Or i try to organize something else.

and since i know some of you, here is the tl/dr-version:
in october i left wow because my job took much more time and i gave my accs away to a friend. he is still playing here but on horde side. thats why i have to make a new char, but lvling never bothered me.

forgot to say: my dkp is 1110 Smile
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High Council

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Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage   Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage EmptyMon 24 Feb 2014, 9:24 pm

Mon ya don't need to make an app , once a guildie always a guildie.

Just whisper someone in game for an invitation Smile
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Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage   Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage EmptyTue 25 Feb 2014, 6:22 am

Yea Razz your always welcome and its nice to see ya back Razz
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High Council
High Council

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Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage   Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage EmptyTue 25 Feb 2014, 9:31 am

Hellcome back mate, it gives me an awesome feeling when i see some oldies back into action!
@Terrine wrote:

forgot to say: my dkp is 1110 Smile
Indeed it is Smile
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Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage   Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage Empty

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Application - Omnomtron - Arcane Mage
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