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 Example: Guild Application

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Example: Guild Application Empty
PostSubject: Example: Guild Application   Example: Guild Application EmptySun 23 Mar 2014, 8:27 pm

Personal Information
Name:Megan De Bruyn
Country:South Africa
Proficiency of English on scale 1-10:10
Time zone (GMT+/-?):GMT+2
We would like to get to know our new members,so feel free to pass some information about yourself:Well, I just fionished my matric year, going to study medicine at either Stellenboch university or UCT in Cape Town next year. I'm new to world of warcraft, my boyfriend got me into it (Regecide). I usually play Team Fortress 2 or Day Z, but i'm liking WOW so far. Other than that, you'll have to ask me specifics if you would like to know more, I don't really know what else to say about myself. hehe
Why do you want to join Hellguards instead of other guilds?My boyfriend and his friends are in the guild, and I would like to play alongside him because he's been coaching me and I would like to be coached further.
What are your expectations from our guild?Just to make friends, learn the game and have a god time
You should know that Hellguards is more of a social guild and NOT a hardcore raiding guild so don't expect raids every day,are you okay with that?Absolutely, I still need to learn most of them. haha
Do you have real life friends/family members in our guild?My boyfriend (Regecide)
Is there anyone else in the guild who can recommend you?Maybe Irhealz. He helped us level our characters. Smile
What are your former guilds and why aren't you in those at the moment? (We like facts,no gossip nor trashtalk)First timer.
Hellguards uses a forum for daily communication regarding guild matters.Are you able to visit it at least twice a week?Yep
Anything else you would like to add/share?Well, I'm not much of a talker, I'm slightly introverted, but I like making friends and meeting new people. I just never know what to say. haha
Character Information
Character Name:Flamekiss
Character Race:Blood Elf
Character Class:Priest
Character Level:78
Character Professions:Tailoring, Skinning
Talent build/s:Holy so far. don't have Dual spec yet
Please show us your Build/s from the link given   http://freecode.hu/wowtal2/eng   http://freecode.hu/wowtal2/eng/#8rU
Why did you choose this build?Because I'm still new, these are the ones that looked like they would be most useful. But I'm open to suggestions to change it if it means my healing will be better.
What is your frequent spell rotation?I always cast my Power Word: Shield first, then depending on whether I'm attacking or healing, I use different abilities. I mostly start with the spells that have the longest cooldown time because then by the time I finished casting most of my other spells, they are done and I can use them again
We currently use the DKP loot distribution system for 10 and 25 man content. Are you familiar with this system?No, but willing to learn
We currently use the Preform AV Enabler addon for 10 man premades which is required. Are you familiar with this addon?No, I haven't used add ons
What is your PVE experience?So far, questing and a few dungeons with Regecide and Lewitation (Irhealz)
What is your PVP Experience?People keep attacking me while I'm questing, and it's annoying. So when I see them again and see that my stuff has become better and theirs is still the same, I kick their butts.
Do you have any other characters above lvl 80? ( If so write the names please. If the application get accepted you will need to bring all of them to our guild )not yet
Additional Information
1. If the Tauren Chieftain gets attacked by The Alliance will you come to defend him?Sure, if I am not in 25 man raid.
3. If you end up on a desert island which 3 things would you take with you? AND GOD NO, don't say internet,computer and WoWFlint stick, Knife with all attachments and a hunting bow
4. If your house is getting robbed while you play WoW ... what you gonna do?I will run around screaming like little girl.
5. ( First one is only for men ) Do you think you got men period? Emotional problems? Love using the caps?No, but I sometimes forget to switch off Caps lock, but I almost always apologize.
6. If we raid Siege of Orgrimmar with you ... you play shaman and have just died ... but got your ankh ready ...and we really need your dps to kill Garrosh ... will you click the ankh If in the exact same second your beer drops on the floor ...and starts spilling ... so you gotta choose. Save the beer or save the raid ... what you gonna do?Get the maid to clean up while I resurrect myself, put on a shield and resurrect anyone else that can help with resurrections and healing.
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Example: Guild Application
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